There isn’t a single aspect of my life that I’m not in love with and it’s been that way for years! And it just keeps getting better and better! It doesn’t just happen by accident. There are several tools, energies, modalities, rituals and traditions that I have curated and incorporated over the decades to create, manifest, let go and transform. I’m kind of an Alchemist…just sayin’.

In this year-long series we will be discussing the particular disciplines of Astrology, the Houses, the Seasons, Numerology, the Chakra system, the Tarot, Crystals & Plants and how to align yourself with, and harness the power of these particular energies. You will also learn how to propitiate (gain favor) with the planets, certain asteroids and dwarf planets along with  the Elements of Space/Spirit, Air, Fire, Water, & Earth to empower you and  assist you in creating a life you absolutely love.

Everyone will resonate with different modalities. My intention is to expose you some of the most powerful ones available. This class is not about knowledge of these different modalities, though you will definitely learn about them all. It is about wisdom. Wisdom comes when you know how to apply the knowledge you have to move your life forward in some way.
I’m excited to share how I have harnessed these energies and powers to empower mySelf, manifest and create a life I love, along with working with my shadow, and letting things go that were no longer serving my life.

Welcome to Cosmic Wisdom. May you learn to align yourSelf with the powerful energies of this Universe, and bio-hack your life with practical magic!