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There isn’t a single aspect of my life that I’m not in love with and it’s been that way for years!! And it just keeps getting better and better!! It doesn’t just happen by accident. There are several tools, energies, modalities, rituals and traditions that I have incorporated over the decades to create, manifest, let go and transform. I’m kind of an Alchemist…just sayin’.

In this year-long series we will be discussing how to align with the particular energies of Astrology, the Houses, Numerology, the Tarot, the Chakra system, Crystals & Plants. You will also learn how to propitiate (gain favor) with the Planets and the Elements.

We will be starting in the first astrological month of Aries. In the first months workshop, we will discuss the first sign of the zodiac, the first house, the first chakra, numerology of the number one, Tarot #1 Magician, the Element of Fire and the Planet of Mars.

In the second month of May we will discuss the 2nd sign of the zodiac, Taurus, the 2nd house, the 2nd chakra, numerology of the number 2, Tarot #2 High Priestess, the element of Earth and the Planet Venus. Etc through the months. Details to follow.

Colors, Crystals, Metals, Plants, Trees, Essential Oils, Angels, & Herbs will be included if time permits.

These are all stand alone classes. We were going to charge $111 for this and make it 4-5 hours.

I’ve decided to do our first class for $33 to make it affordable for everyone and to start with a 3-hour class and see how that works. We would love to have you come play!!

To secure your attendance pay $33 at Paypal to lauriefrazier@me.com or Venmo: