Create & Manifest a Life You Love!!!

A 12-month series! Saturday 10a-1pm $33 per class

This month I will be sharing about how to align with Gemini, the 3rd House, the Planet Mercury , #3 Numerology, the Element of Air, the Throat Chakra, Summer and herbs, oils and crystals that align with those particular energies. It is super cool USEFUL info. I teach this in such a way that you will KNOW when and how to use these energies!! If time permits we will do all the Tarot Archetypes with numerology of the 3.

April 28th-Spring, Aries, 1st House, Sun, #1 Numerology, Fire, Chakra 3-PDF for this class is available on my website.
May 19th-Spring, Taurus, 2nd House, Ceres, #2 Numerology, Earth, Chakra 1-PDF AVAILABLE ON MY WEBSITE
June 9-Summer, Gemini, 3rd House, Mercury, Numerology #3, Air, Chakra 5,
July 21-Summer, Cancer, 4th House, Moon, Numerology #4, Water, Chakra 2
August 11th-Summer, Leo, 5th House, Numerology #5, Fire, Chakra 4,
**the rest of the class dates and details TBA

This is not a class about Astrology, Numerology, Chakras, Seasons, Elements, etc although you will learn all about those disciplines. This class is about how to ALIGN with all of those different energies as tools of manifestation. To assist your life in creating more effortless flow…how to go with the grain and not against it.

If time permits, I will also include things like crystals, essential oils, herbs, trees, animals etc that align with the particular energy of the month that we happen to be discussing.

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